Trillion auto parts market is waiting for you
Set Sail《
Nine preferential policies to support
Assist in site selection
Help dealers select locations, fully research the market, analyze the surrounding environment, policies and investment returns
Decoration design
Provide a complete set of decoration design plans for dealers, follow up and guide the decoration throughout the process
Technical Training
Headquarters selects professional product personnel for one-to-one guidance and assistance
Market research
Market research and dealer team support, cooperate with in-depth market research, timely and accurately grasp market trends, and provide assistance
Marketing Planning
Headquarters provides business planning support for agents
Regional protection
The regional protection of agents' operational autonomy, to avoid competition conflicts
The headquarters cooperates with a number of logistics platforms to realize fast logistics solutions and reduce logistics costs for you
Market expansion
Headquarters provides agents with offline market information and publicity development
Price Advantage
Strictly control product quality and prices , and maximize the benefit to dealers
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