Six core quality control
Our core products focus on the spare parts of the German luxury car system, deep system integration More than 15,000 product part numbers, cloud service system, intelligent, storage center, European national quality standards
Quality Management System Certification - TUV Certification

FREY passed the international TUV certification on January 20, 2021 and obtained the certificate. Strictly implement the international quality management system, so that the quality of the company's products can be effectively guaranteed and the company's quality policy can be implemented smoothly.

In order to strengthen quality management to fundamentally improve the quality of company management, Frey has to import more high performance model as an opportunity to implement total quality management, the use of statistical quality tools, internal audits, self-assessment, third-party audit or evaluation, QCC activities , Constantly looking for opportunities for improvement and ways of continuous improvement, towards outstanding performance. Since the establishment of the company, there has never been a major quality complaint. In the random inspections conducted by quality and technical departments at all levels over the years, the pass rate has reached 100%.

Customer satisfaction ≧ 95%

On-time delivery rate: 100%

Strictly control product defects

No flaws in and out Strengthen quality improvement

New products development
All new products of Frey company must comply with national regulations and pass fatigue test and road test.
Supplier option
All suppliers of Frey company must pass the VDA6.3 on-site audit to meet the requirements before they can be listed as qualified suppliers. Qualified suppliers are monitored by Frey's on-site audit and rating every year.

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IQC standard upload WMS system to realize standard modular management.

IQC is electronic and paperless, and the inspection data and appearance inspection data are entered into the system to form incoming inspection reports to realize inspection data analysis and SPC control. Improve the ability to respond to quality problems and shorten the reaction time.

Define the template
New product/supplier definition template
The operator sorts the materials and prints the QR code to paste the outer box of the product
System module
The module contains information about the supplier/OE number/FREY number/picture/specification/sampling inspection frequency/inspection item
Input Date
1. SAP system scan code to extract product information for inspection 2. Inspection information input system
System judgment
1. Generate inspection report 2. SPC analysis report
According to the product information in the SAP system, the first inspection of the product is confirmed, and the inspection result and time are recorded. The inspection shall be carried out according to the inspection frequency of 1 time/2H. Ensure that the final product is a qualified product.
Carry out a full inspection of the on-site products to confirm that the products meet customer needs.

The shipment is fully inspected to ensure that the factory has zero defects and meets the customer's zero complaint inspection. According to the customer's order, use the SAP scan code product box identification to determine that the product meets the customer's needs, and inspect the finished product packaging, finished product identification, etc.

The product-related approval process also plays a key role here.

Laser engraving, engraving an exclusive number for each Frey product. Check the product information carefully to ensure that the information is accurate. Ensure that every Frey product delivered to the customer is of high quality.

Compulsory certification, voluntary recall

In order to protect the rights and interests of consumers, FREY will encourage companies to continuously improve product quality and continuously improve product grades, thereby reducing the protection measures that cause the dangers of consumers' personal and property safety.

In order to effectively respond to product recalls, strengthen product quality management, and prevent product defects, we will notify the recall by email, maintain effective communication channels, and bear the recall freight subsidy

Through the database of customers, an effective product database can track products in batches, and establish clear procedures for the repair or replacement of recalled products.

Failure and prevention

With the continuous popularity of automobiles and the frequent occurrence of mechanical equipment accidents, the safety and reliability of automobiles has gradually become the focus of attention of customers.

By studying the failure types of auto parts, the causes, characteristics and laws of loss of function, FREY proposes corresponding improvements and preventive measures to provide the auto parts manufacturing department with feedback information that facilitates the improvement of the manufacturing process and the design of auto parts, and then Improve the reliability, service life and maintenance quality of auto parts.

Failure type of auto parts Causes, characteristics, and laws of loss of function
Propose corresponding improvement and preventive measures
Provide feedback information for the auto parts department to facilitate the improvement of the design of auto parts
Improve the reliability, service life and maintenance quality of auto parts
Product traceability

In order to reduce the occurrence of accidents, FREY has played a role in this traceability system to jointly supervise the production process of the products to ensure the quality of the products.

If there is a failure in a certain link, the product can be recalled, and the root cause of the problem can be found, which is much easier to deal with. The quality of auto parts products can be traced, information can be traced, quality can be traced, and problems can be controlled.

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